Commercial Real Estate Agents- Start Your Own Firm/Join A Large CRE Firm/Be Entrepreneurial And Part Of An Established Team ?

Commercial Real Estate Agents -Start Your Own Firm/Join Large CRE Firm/Be Entrepreneurial – Excerpts from Article by Michael Bull, CCIM as modified

January 8, 2014

Some commercial real estate brokers like the idea of owning their own company and some do hang their own shingle. They soon find the combination of the required time, costs and risks create less income and value than remaining a productive broker at an existing firm.  Why does this continually happen and is there an alternative for brokers to benefit from company synergy, equity in deals and an override commission structure without the detriments?

Economies of scale come into play, as well as capture of market share. It can be difficult to compete, as the expense of the tools and resources needed to be competitive can be difficult to budget . There are many other aspects that create issues for the broker turned business owner including the fact that productive sales people do not typically enjoy or make good managers.

The perfect situation for a broker would be the benefits of company synergy, equity in deals and an override commission structure, but without any of the detriments. It would be nice to have a prestigious title ownership,  plus an opportunity to participate in equity deals, team synergy and override commission structure each year.  Can a broker in a commission based industry achieve this without the requisite risks, costs and hassle of running a firm? Contact us confidentially to explore the possibilities and see if you qualify to be a part of the growth and opportunity of TMC-The Mahr Company going forward for 2014.