Lessons Learned From Outside The Industry

ImageTMC The Mahr Company lessons from outside the industry: [The Seattle Seahawks, Bono and U2, and Bank of America]: (1) Reinvent with CANEI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement), (2) Stay with or ahead of trends, (3) Brand, Promote, Execute, Deliver,(4) Contribute to the greater good, (4) Dare to excel and surround yourself with talented motivated people desiring the same, (5) Do not accept other’s preconceived expectations,(6) Failure is not an option, Take action and act as if it is impossible to fail, (7) Proceed as if limits to your ability do not exist: The Seattle Seahawks Nail it. Nike transforms their uniforms to perhaps the coolest in the NFL, Bono and U2 deliver for the Bank of America in support of RED with “Invisible”, Coach Carroll assembles a team with talent to spare. they execute and deliver…..   Follow this link for U2’s “Invisible” http://bit.ly/1iljxDF