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TMC-The Mahr Company Your Senior Vice President of Real Estate serving your Objectives; Aiming to your Target; and achieving your Goals…..

Differentiating between an objective, an aim, a target and a goal.

Objective – what you hope to achieve

Aim          – what you intend to do to fulfill your objective

Target      – a measurement of how successfully your aim is in reaching its objective.

Goal         – an indicator of whether your aim is achieving its objective.

Goals tend to be two states only – achieved or not achieved – a near miss is still a miss.

Targets are more measurement based.  When you hit a target in archery you achieve different scores depending on your accuracy.


How does that relate to your goals for your business occupancy needs? 

Objective: To find the best location and environment to operate your business/practice while keeping it profitable and healthy

Aims: 1) To reduce occupancy costs while maintaining efficiency. 2.) To achieve spatial requirements for immediate needs with options in place for future expansion, tenure and an exit strategy.

Target (for aim 1.): 10% increase in bottom line profits as expenses are reduced

Goal (for aim 2.): Appropriate space plan with initial lease term and options programmed thereafter with space designated for expansion, first right of refusal, and termination provisions. Remember you always aim to achieve your objectives.  You can be close to your target, but close to a goal has the same effect as being a mile away.

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