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Our commitment to you is Excellence…………..


1. We know our purpose. In our day-to-day business at TMC-The Mahr Company, we embrace and live by a sense of meaning. At TMC-The Mahr Company, it is not about walking into the office, grabbing a coffee, checking emails and taking the day “on the fly” That doesn’t get it done. We strive to know what we are going to get done that day. Knowing our purpose makes the biggest impact.

2. We give positive meaning to everything. Business is about risks. The more we take the more we win (and lose). At TMC-The Mahr Company it’s how we respond to the losses that makes us stand apart and special. We keep a positive attitude (regardless of the issue) ALWAYS, and keep in the game and ready for the next opportunity.

3. We realize that everything we do has a consequence. There is no neutral. Interactions are either positive or negative. Every action we take matters, and we know it. It’s not just about being on our best behavior; it’s about knowing our strengths and using them to reach our desired outcome.

4. We know that everyone is unique, different and amazing. Commercial Real Estate is a competitive environment where people put themselves on the line every day. We at TMC look through the lens that everyone and everything has meaning. As such every facet of our performance is constantly being looked at and committed to excellence.

5. We are driven by our desire for adventure. What drives us at TMC? It’s not our competitors, be assured of that, rather it’s our desire for excellence in the details of serving our clients and business model. TMC is focused on successes — on finding solutions for our clients and the achievement of their goals. We are focused on the task/situation at hand all the while preparing to engage in the next need and taking action steps, ALWAYS

6. We expect the unexpected. We at TMC expect the best but are prepared for the unexpected. When any situation arises, we slide to its variance and work with an action response to solve it and take the next step.

The 6 steps were originally created by Anthony Robbins, TMC has modified their description and practice. TMC-The Mahr Company, YOUR Senior Vice President of Real Estate. Our commitment to you is Excellence…………..

Value added Commercial Real Estate Services based in Tampa | Statewide Emphasis | National Network |TMC offers a unique blend of expertise and go to “make it happen” results

TMC The Mahr Company shares: Proud of our city/region. Proud to be based in Tampa Bay; with its quality of life, business opportunities, and the platform Tampa Bay provides us, as we slide to market variances in your service all the while maintaining our commitment to Excellence, the Highest Level of Service and Responsiveness:
Your Goals=Our Goals


Value added Commercial Real Estate Services based in Tampa with a Statewide Emphasis | National Network |TMC offers a unique blend of expertise and go to make it happen results.