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TMC: The Courage and Conviction to take Focused Action = RESULTS……

“In whatever areas of life or endeavor, one may meet the challenges of courage. Whatever may be the sacrifices, if one follows his/her conscious; the loss of friends, his/her fortune, his/her commitment, even the esteem of fellow men….Each person must decide for him/herself the course he/she will follow. The studies of past can define that ingredient, they can teach, they can offer hope, they can provide inspiration, but they cannot supply courage itself. For this, each person must look into their soul and take action thereon.” JFK
paraphrased by fsm from a quote by Caroline Kennedy, his daughter, in her book, “Profiles In Courage For Our Times.”
Action Pablo Picasso

Impossible is Nothing………..

TMC-The Mahr Company : We define ourselves by the commitment, dedication and perseverance to overcome the impossible in the actualization of your goals. As such we count the moments when we dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to make the unknown, known, to make the imagined. real. These then become our proudest achievements, but we’ve barely begun. At TMC-The Mahr Company our greatest accomplishment for you is not behind us, it is yet to be. Your goals and commercial real estate needs, whatever they may be, wherever they make take us and whatever they may require are our commitment to you.

Impossible is nothing.


Value added Commercial Real Estate Services based in Tampa primarily serving Florida markets TMC offers a unique blend of expertise and go to make it happen results.

Change Is A Constant – Office Space Requirements and Functionality


Office space is smaller than ever, and getting smaller still, according to research from CoreNet Global. Of the 465 companies surveyed, 24 percent said their staff had less than 100 square feet of workspace to call their own, while 40 percent said space would shrink to that level by 2017. Workspace has shrunk from 225 square feet in 2010 to 176 just four years later.
A recent infographic from document management software company Contentverse compiles stats on our ever-declining workspace. A few highlights :
•In the 1970s, American companies planned on at least 500 square feet per worker.
•Some tech firms have worker-to-space ratios of seven workers per 1000 square feet.
•Other companies have workers share flexible work stations. This is calling “hoteling,” as workers check in to the office and get assigned to a workspace for the day.
•Telecommuting is on the rise, as well, with over 5 million people working from home on a daily basis.
•Companies who renew their leases often cut the square footage of their space. According to commercial real estate information provider CoStar, the average square footage of commercial rentals fell 7 percent during the past 10 years.
What’s to blame for our shrinking workspace? The desire to save money and the corresponding popularity of open-plan offices are part of the picture. But the other side of the story is more positive: thanks to smaller and more portable electronics, we just don’t need as much space as we did in the older days.

We Are Dedicated To Serving YOU

We are dedicated to serving you. To being the best we can be in your service and in the accomplishment of your goals. As such we embrace this approach to being a more efficient, productive and entrepreneurial business to best serve you.

The below was created by: Anna Vital infographic author http://anna.vc/


Selectively working with clients and prospective clients, while building lifelong working relationships.
Our Services solve your problems, saving you time and money.
The TMC team offers focused and skilled professional services, tailored to achieve your goals

The Impact of Millennials on Commercial Real Estate– A Look at Commercial Real Estate in 2014

Emerging Trends – A Look at Commercial Real Estate in 2014

Paraphrased from article by By Michael Bull, CCIM |

2014 should be another year of improvement across all commercial real estate sectors, according to the “Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2014” report conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

Produced for the last 35 years, Emerging Trends is one of the most anticipated and respected forecasts for U.S. real estate. Interesting not only for its analysis of past and current performance trends to forecast future results, the report also looks forward by interviewing 1,000 U.S. real estate executives, investors, developers and market experts about their plans and market predictions.

Answering the Interest Rate Question

“While we were doing our interviews from July through early October, interest rates were on everybody’s mind,” said Mitch Roschelle, partner and U.S. real estate advisory practice leader for PwC. “In 2010, 17.7 percent thought the real estate market would be good to excellent. In this year’s survey, 67.8 percent thought 2014 will be good to excellent, so that tells you that rates won’t chill the market.”

If net operating income growth remains on pace with an increase in the cost of capital, the market can digest a rise in interest rates, Roschelle said. Additionally, lenders indicated that underwriting standards are loosening and spreads are compressing because of the profitability of banks, he added.

Lending Environment

As the economy continues to improve, lenders are getting back in the real estate game, guests said. A significant amount of capital still flows into the multifamily sector, but there is also capital available for retail projects in secondary markets, said Andy Warren, director of real estate research for PwC.

“Lenders are beginning to expand what they are willing to look at in terms of deals,” he added. Regional banks have started to open up and contribute more to the lending environment, Warren said.

“CMBS will be a big story in 2014,” Roschelle affirmed. “In fact, it’s leading the list of lenders for 2014. The CMBS market lagged in the past, so that’s big.”

Looking ahead to 2015, shadow banking will be a big trend, Roschelle said. “Funds are aggregating capital and putting it out in the form of somewhat conventional financing for commercial real estate,” he said. “It’s going to be bigger and bigger in the months to come.”

Investors Bullish on Texas and Florida

While technology-driven markets such as San Francisco and San Jose, Calif., remain high on investors’ lists, Texas has emerged as an important investment target, Warren said. “Dallas, Houston, Austin and Fort Worth are all in the top 10 markets for investors,” he said. “If you add in San Antonio, which is in the top 20, you have all four major metro areas in Texas as top markets for this year.”

One notable change in the survey was the decline of investor interest in the nation’s capital. “Washington, D.C., continued to perform strongly during the downturn because the federal government held up. Now with the discussions about the fiscal cliff and budget ceiling, it’s beginning to have a blow-back effect on the local market,” Warren added.

The Impact of Millennials on Commercial Real Estate

“People between the ages of 15 and 29 years old represent 28.5 percent of the population, the single largest group,” Roschelle said. “Decisions about commercial real estate are going to be made around Millennials for years to come.”

“Apartments are the first thing that come to mind,” Warren said. Millennials are looking for apartments in an urban setting that foster a “live, work, play” environment. “This is having a huge impact on major cities.”

However, the impact of Millennials expands beyond the multifamily market. Office environments are being reconfigured into a more open floor plan in order to attract and retain Millennials, Warren added.

Retailers are following Millennials from suburban to urban markets, developing new store layouts that will work in urban areas. The industrial market has been impacted as well because online sales are up, which means fulfillment centers will continue to be created to meet this uptick in demand. “Millennials have touched much more than just apartments,” Warren said.


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